MD5 Hash Generator Online Tool

MD5 Hash is yet another cryptographic hash just like SHA256 hash. It is one of the most known hash function that can be used as checksum for data verification such as passwords. Just like SHA256 this is not an encryption method because you cannot decrypt it back to its original texts. Though this type of hash has seen to be vulnerable and can be cracked using brute-force attack.

Why this is useful?

This md5 hash text converter tool automatically converts texts to its md5 hash equivalent. This is perfect for programmers and developers that needs quick hash value to their texts for encoding passwords, credit card numbers and other important data that needs to be stored in a database for example MySQL.

What is MD5 Hash?

This kind of hash is created by encoding a series of string into a 128-bit data. This data are commonly used to encrypt sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers databases understands the real data and pass the real information by encoding the same string with md5 alo and display an encrpyted hash output.