Bulk Add Prefix and Suffix to your text or code

Using this tool you can now easily add prefix or suffix to your line of codes or texts without doing them one by one by yourself. All you have to do is add the texts you want and set prefix or suffix and click buttons. This works on multiple lines unlimited lines of you may.

Bulk Add Prefix/Suffix to your Text/Code 🔤

How to use:

  • Enter your prefix on the prefix field. If you don't want to add prefix leave blank.
  • Enter your suffix on the suffix field. If you don't want to add suffix leave blank.
  • Then enter your texts that you want to add prefix and suffix on the text field.

Why this is useful?

This generator is very useful to programmers that needs to bulk add prefix and suffix texts to their codes.

Example: in jquery you have this list of variables that needs hypen as prefix and suffix like this 'variables' of course its easy to just put it one by one if you have less than 5 variables. But images if you have a hundred of them. That would be a pain. Now you will realized why this generator is useful.