Bulk Scrape Total Views of Youtube Channels using Google Sheet

Scrape total views of Youtube Channels

Here’s another awesome Google Sheet app that you will surely find useful. A step-by-step tutorial on leveraging Google Sheets script to scrape YouTube channel total views. Yes, you can easily find out the total view count of any channel you want in bulk by using Google Sheet! This is a fantastic tool for content creators, … Read more

Mass Scrape Keywords from Youtube Videos using Google Sheet

How to scrape the keywords from youtube videos using google Sheet

And we are back with another amazing Google Sheet tutorial. This time I am going to share this Google Sheet Script that Bulk Scrape Keywords from any Youtube Video using only your Google Sheet. In the past tutorials we have shown you how to scrape all the videos from a Youtube Channel, and this time … Read more

Scrape Videos of Any Youtube Channel with Google Sheet

How to scrape youtube videos from a channel using google sheet

If you are looking for a way to scrape a Youtube Channel videos using your google sheet, then this is the perfect method you need to try. This method involves a google sheet script but don’t worry I will break it down for you how this script works. Using this script you can now easily … Read more

Quick ROI Calculator – Annualized Return of Investment Calculator

Investment ROI Calculator

As investors, we’re constantly in pursuit of those opportunities that provide maximum profits. Even more so, we want to have an accurate understanding of the Return on Investment (ROI) to be expected from these prospects. The challenge, however, lies in manually calculating these figures, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. This is … Read more

Most Effective Content Analyzer – Word Count, Keyword Count & More

Content Analyzer Tool

Ever been stuck in a content rut, pulling your hair out? Whether you’re typing up an essay, crafting a marketing campaign, or optimizing a webpage, there’s always that nagging question: “Is this content hitting the mark?” The struggle is real, folks. Counting words, checking for overused phrases, or just trying to figure out if your … Read more

How to Bulk Scrape Youtube Video Details Using Google Sheet

How to Bulk Scrape Youtube Video Details using Google Sheet

Do you want to keep track on Videos on Youtube? But, you can’t possibly visit each video you want to track and check them one by one. Well, here’s a solution for you. Here’s a Google sheet script that tracks the view count, comment count, like count, of the Youtube video URL’s you feed into … Read more

Google Sheet Bulk URL Alive Checker Tool 2023

Google sheet tools - mass url alive check tool

Have you ever found yourself with a long list of URLs and wanted to know which ones were still active and which ones were broken or returned an error? It can be a tedious and time-consuming task to check each URL manually, espicially if they have hundreds or not thousands of URLs to check, these … Read more

Why you need a website xed

Here’s a list of Top Reason why your business needs a website Even if you have a small local business still you need a website, they might think it’s not an important thing but, there is no downside of having one.  Having a website means showcasing your business to the world. Now, you don’t want … Read more