Here are the Things that your Business website must Have

How to build a better and highly converting website for your business

There should be a bunch of factors to consider before to call a website a highy converting website. Most of the factor depends on your audience. You don’t want to show wrong content to the target audience.

On this blog post I will try to call those factors and explain on them one by one.

Keen About Us Page

When I look at somebody’s website on how they’ve portrayed themselves most of the times they have written things that they find to be cool about themselves without really thinking of their target audience. About pages are really about your client not as much about you, so I don’t know if I care if you have a dog or a grand chandelier in your waiting hall. It’s more about what is your client’s perception of how you are going to help them in their situation or solve their problem. E.g., who you can be on their Conference or a Family Event if you’re an Event Planner, Electrical System Supplier to Events or a photographer or some other kind of small business how you can connect to that client a right way. You can do that in many ways. Maybe speak in a video people don’t read as much anymore these days. Having a bio video curated to sort of give a reason how and why you are the best option for their needs. That can capture what they’re looking for. That would be a fantastic thing to do.

A clear call to action

Yes I know you have your contact page, and it has a pretty picture by it but where else could you get people to contact you on your page – in just the one area that you’ve been limiting yourself all these days if you are not having multiple calls to action sections on your website. You need to have it more than once when I look at websites frequently, they have one little page that says contact, and then the person can send them an email to get in touch. Having more ways to get in contact like book a discovery session or a few minutes phone call with me to talk about your business and to see if we would be a good fit to work together. Have that in multiple areas of my website because that is the action you need from your website visitors. So, when you have this different call to action functionalities available why do you still need to stick that old single contact us page.

Intriguing Content

Content is still king. There might be N number of google algorithm updates, or AI comes into play. Still, the end goal of any search engine is to keep the best website on top which provides the accurate, relevant and unique information that the user is searching for. Blogging at least a couple of times a week is an excellent way to have enough content on your site. With blogs, we can put good content we can write things that will help serve our clients better, and we can add in those keywords and SEO that will bring followers back to our page. The good way to get better results from all those articles is to interlink them.

Interlinking is a method where you link out your latest articles to past articles that you’ve written. Which makes it easier for your visitors to navigate through multiple pages with relevant information. This keeps your visitor spend more time on your website

Mobile Friendly with Good Navigation

Why your websites needs to be mobile friendly - XED
Why your websites needs to be mobile friendly – XED

50% of worldwide internet users come from mobile devices it is important to have a mobile friendly website or else you are leaving a ton of money in the table.

A clear navigation menu makes it easy for all your first-time visitors to find the required information easily without struggle.

Make sure you don’t have a menu with too many options. Having so many menu tags and adding multiple submenu tags and sub-sub menu tags makes your website clumsy, and most of the times, the visitor leaves the site without even looking at all those options. Website clarity consistency and minimalism is the key. You always need to keep things clear to read with proper font sizes and colours. When someone feels hard to find or read your menu, never expect them to stay on your website more than a few seconds.

I would say no more than five menu options at the top and the sub-menus no more than three when they can pull down that keeps it short concise, and people can easily navigate. Always make sure all that content looks impressive on all device sizes. The fact is most people are looking at your website on their phones so it needs to be so perfect on their phones that they can quickly contact you find content and be able to buy a product you are selling or the service that you are offering.

Make sure to add Social Buttons

Getting Visitors to your business website and converting them to your leads is the end goal for any business website. Having proper SEO Knowledge and knowing your content, keywords, having your social media accounts Twitter, Instagram, Facebook connected to your blogs makes it easier to gain more leads. Like Facebook comments linked to your blog post so that people can come from your Facebook page over to your website

Keep tracking your analytics from Google Analytics, or your search console that gives you a lot of wonderful ideas on what is working for you and what is not. Making regular changes on your website as per the analytics and suggestions that come up will lead to a successful website which grows your business in real time.

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