Easily change/recover your wordpress admin password using the MySQL phpmyadmin dashboard

If you are looking for a different way to change or recover the admin password on your wordpress website this is what you are looking for.


WordPress is one of the biggest platforms to take our blog or website. And having an admin account allows us to change and edit our dashboard.  There are different reasons we may need to change the password to our WordPress admin account. It is one of the most asked questions. MySQL is mainly used once we lose our credentials, and we do not have access to our registered email ID of the account. So here we will discuss the process to recover the account through some simple steps.

What is admin account in WordPress?

There is a different kind of role function in WordPress, including author, subscriber, user, editor etc. An administrator is one of the critical roles in there. An administrator can assign or remove the person of a similar role. It is important to remember that the person with administrator role is only able to post or delete any blog from the site. Being an administrator also enables us to change the theme and edit the WordPress files while using the theme editor. In the multisite installation like WordPress, we can proceed to be super admin after we pass to the next role as super admin. There we will get different facilities also.

Ways to reset the password of a WordPress admin account

Once we lose our password, there are several ways we can reset it. One way or another, we will always retrieve our account, and when it is a WordPress admin account, better we have it back. So following are the ways we adapt to get our WordPress account back. The first and easiest way is using the “lost password link”. But one essential factor in this process is you should have a link to your registered email ID cause it uses it to retrieve your account. The second way is by using cPanel. This does not require the email ID access. But the process is a bit lengthy. The third and easiest process is using MySQL. This retrieves your password most quickly without any hustle.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a free open source relational database management system where we use structured query language to manage the database content. This is the easiest language to access and control any database content. This is the reason we use it to recover our about from WordPress. It helps us find our admin account in case we lose our password or forget our account credentials.

Step by step method on changing wordpress password via phpmyadmin

There are different ways of changing a password. MySQL is one of the available ones. We use it in the condition when we do not remember the email address we have registered to our WordPress account also we have lost the information of our password. But as we change the password, we need to follow specific steps. Here are the steps.

  • At the first step, we have to log in to PHPMyAdmin using the cPanel or any panel you are using as long as it supports mysql. Or we can use any hosting panel our hosting service is using or whatever supports us.
  • Click on the database your wordpress site is using.
  • Navigate and click the table on wp_users. This is the list of users on your wordpress site including the admin.
  • Click on the SQL or MySQL section in our MyPHPAdmin.
  • Now enter this given in the inverted comma, in the command prompt  “UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass`= MD5(‘yourpassword’) WHERE `user_login`=’yourusername’;”
  • Put the new desired password replacing “newpassowrd” and put our username replacing “yourusername”.
  • Now look for a “Go” button or any similar option to the action of changing the password.
  • We have changed the password successfully. For further confirmation check logging in on WordPress with a new password and username.


It is easier to retrieve any lost password once we have access to our registered email ID of the account. But in case we lose the hold to the registered ID, it becomes hard to replace the old password. Among several processes of retrieving the passwords using MySQL is the easiest. As we are through the above article, we hope you find it easier to change the password now even if you have lost the hold of your registered mail ID.

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